Indefinite Hiatus...

Eldon Floon Gallery is on indefinite hiatus - I've relocated to Cincinnati, OH in pursuit of a career-change from cooking professionally to freelance illustration.  While photography is still an area of interest, it's been put on the back-burner for now; as a result, posting on EFG has ceased as I attempt to blaze a new trail in life.

It's been just a little over five years since the first EFG post.  While this blog has provided a valuable outlet for my photography, I've been considering the format's limitations, lately.  The images presented here will continue on at some point in the near future somewhere else - most likely, a personal website.

Thanks to everyone and anyone who has followed, visited or supported this blog over the past five years.  If interested in what I'm up to, creatively, you can see at www.kevinmski.tumblr.com or www.rockemsockemsketchbooks.wordpress.com .


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